3D print creation software

for clinical applications.

With our tools medical professionals from all over the world

can take advantage of 3d printing to achieve better patient treatment.

Software for medical professionals and organizations

Generator of individual splints
Tactile 3d reconstructions of CT/MRI data
Generator of casting molds for custom bioimplants

Individual thermoformable splints

Splint models are built based on patient's biometric data. Software transforms wrist size into a custom 3d model. Print time from 15 to 90 minutes. The printed device has an internal 3d structure, that makes the thermoforming process more simple. Splint is applied in under 5 minutes.

Tactile reconstructions of CT/MRI data

Tactile models are calculated from tommograms. They enable to train approaches and explain particularity prior to surgery. Use of tactile models is potentially necessary for every practicing surgeon. The reconstruction and print technology is developed in such a way that the printed model is ready in under 24 hours.

Casting molds for custom bioimplants

Bioimplant - individual bone replacement used in bone grafting surgeries. We parametrically model and produce individual casting molds from obtained CT/MRI data. Bone matrix of surgeon’s choice is injected inside the mold, it coagulates and forms an individual bioimplant. Production cycle from CT to final device is less than 48 hours.

Our Clients

Russia's leading Traumatology and Orthopaedics Hospital

Orthopaedic plates and surgical tools manufacturer


About us

Healthprint is a developer of 3d print creation software designed to provide value in clinical practice. Area of usage of our software products is very wide. Parametric modelling of hand and wrist splints helpes in cases of joint diseases, age-related body changes and post-surgical recovery.

Healthprint also produces tactile models for pre-operative needs and helps to produce individual bone replacement implants.

Our skills and expertise in parametric 3D modelling help us to individualise treatment and facilitate recovery.